Because tomorrow is not just another day. 

tomorrow stories is a Future Trends & Brand Strategy Consultancy for design, fashion, lifestyle & luxury businesses founded by Lisi Prem.

Hearing the future is difficult in today's quickly changing world. There is so so much data, so much AI-regenerated information and millions of articles everyday that make it nearly impossible to set the right course for your company.


Let me help you spot what's new and what's next. With my 20+ year expertise, I am your compass to the future: My curated insights into new trends and innovations help you to futureproof your business and develop culturally relevant strategies in times of accelerated change.

As a trends & culture expert, I inform brands and entrepreneurs in the areas of luxury, design, fashion & lifestyle about the next big thing. I am constantly on the lookout for signals of change in a wide range of areas from design, fashion, sustainability, youth culture, ageing, female empowerment, sex, beauty, wellness, the metaverse, travel, music, film, art and more. 

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"Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming." 

David Bowie